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 Tuesday, October 4th, 2022
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Seminars and MiniSeminars

Spring 2010

Tuesdays 3:20 - 5:00 pm in 3269 Beckman Institute

Unless otherwise noted.

Jan 19 BRP Experiments - No Seminars  
Jan 26 Chenara Johnson

Jeremy Kemmerer
The Endothelial Cell's Role in US/UCA-Induced Angiogenesis

Quantitative Ultrasound Assessment of Liver Tissue Ablation using HIFU
Feb 2 Alex Dapore

Paul Linden

Aiguo Han

Adam Luchies
Effective Scattering Diameter Estimation for Three Dimensional Impedance Maps

Contrast Estimation of Small Lesions in Field II

Acoustic Properties of Cells: Literature Review and Estimates of Models

Making Scatterer Size Estimates When Specular Scatterers are Present
Feb 9 Chenara Johnson Examining the Mechanism of US-induced Angiogenesis
Feb 16 Daniel King

Brendon Smith
Sonoporation of Chinese Hamster Ovary cells Using Ultrasound Contrast Agents: Introduction

Von Willebrand Factor Measurement Methods
Feb 18 - Thursday
ECE Colloquium
151 Everitt Lab
4 pm
Professor Caterina M. Gallippi, Joint Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) Ultrasound for Clinical Diagnostic Imaging of Atherosclerosis, Subcutaneous Bleeding, and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Feb 23 Scott Leithem

Alex Pawlicki
Improving Methods to Determine Ultrasound Contrast Agent Concentration Using Acoustic Backscatter

Insertion Loss Measurements of Attenuating Phantoms
Mar 2 Jeremy Kemmerer

Paul Linden

Adam Luchies
Ultrasound Image Guidance of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

eSNR Improvements with REC

Making QUS Estimates When Specular Scatterers are Present
Mar 9 Aiguo Han

Alex Haak
Ultrasonic Backscatter Coefficient Quantitative Estimates from Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Pellet Biophantoms

Limitation of Attenuation Slope Estimation Using Spectral Shift
Mar 16 AIUM Practice

Chenara Johnson

Roberto Lavarello

Alex Dapore

Daniel King

Examining the Role of Ultrasound Contrast Agents in Ultrasound-Induced Angiogenesis

First Experimental Implementation of Scatterer Size Imaging on an Ultrasonic Breast Tomographic Scanner

Analysis of Human Fibroadenoma Using 3-Dimensional Impedance Maps

Experimental Comparison Between Microbubble Activity and Sonoporation Efficacy of Monolayer Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
Mar 23 Spring Break / AIUM  
Mar 30 Jeremy Kemmerer

Paul Linden

Scott Leithem
An Approach to Estimating Attenuation Changes during HIFU

Resolution Enhancement Compression

Estimation of Ultrasound Contrast Agent Parameters Using Acoustic Backscatter- Methods and Results
Apr 6
Imaging and Visualization Form

12:00 Noon
2269 Tower Room
Lauren Wirtzfeld, PhD
Quantitative Ultrasound Measurements of Fibroadenomas
Apr 6 Brendon Smith

Chenara Johnson
Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Vascular Health

Ultrasound-induced Angiogenesis
Apr 8
Bioengineering Seminar

12:00 Noon
2240 DCL
Michael Oelze
Recent Advances in Quantitative Ultrasonic Imaging
Apr 13 Roberto Lavarello

Alex Dapore

Alex Pawlicki
Scatterer Size Distributions and Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging

ESD Estimation from 3D Acoustic Impedance Maps

Estimating Attenuation from the VisualSonics Vevo 2100
Apr 20 Daniel King

Aiguo Han

Brendon Smith

Adam Luchies
Theory of Nonlinear Bubble Oscillations and Ultrasound Propagation in Bubbly Liquids

Ultrasonic Backscatter Coefficient Quantitative Estimates from Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Pellet Biophantoms

A Validated Sandwich ELISA for the Detection of von Willebrand Factor in Rabbit Plasma

Specular Echo Detection Using Generalized Spectrum Parameters
Apr 27 Greg Czarnota, MD, PhD
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto
Monitoring Cancer Responses to Treatment: from Mice to Humans with Ultrasound and Light
May 4 Scott Leithem Measuring the Effect of Peak Rarefactional Pressure on UCA Backscatter

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