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 Monday, September 20th, 2021
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Faculty Members

William D. O'Brien
William D. O'Brien, Jr., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Michael L. Oelze, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Olivia Coiado, Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Pengfei Song, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Floyd Dunn
Floyd Dunn, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

April 14, 1924 - January 24, 2015

Floyd and Elsa Dunn Celebration

Aiguo Han, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mike Insana
Michael F. Insana, Department of Bioengineering

Douglas G. Simpson
Douglas G. Simpson, Department of Statistics

John W. Erdman, Jr., Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Barbara L. McFarlin, Department of Women, Children and Family Health Science, UIC

Matthew A. Wallig, Department of Pathobiology, University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine

BRL Members

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Staff Members

Mostafa Fatemi, the IEEE UFFC Distinguished Lecturer, visits Bill O'Brien and Michael Oelze
on the occasion of giving the kick-off Fall 2016 semester Bioengineering Seminar

Wilma O'Brien, Bill O'Brien and Ernie Feleppa at AIUM Meeting (at Smorgas Chef) in NYC April, 2013

Daniel King and Bill O'Brien at the ASA Meeting in Hong Kong, May 2012.

Bill O'Brien and Daniel King at the ASA meeting in Hong Kong, May 2012.

Jonathan Mamou, Daniel King and Bill O'Brien at the ASA meeting in Hong Kong, May 2012.

AIUM Meeting, NYC, April 2011

Jonathan, Jonathan's mum, Elan, Panitee and assorted other people

The Gang, Fall 2010

Bill, Alex P, Lauren, Alex D and Adam at the National Academy of Sciences

The Gang January 25, 2010

Michael, Charissa, Woojae, Lynn, Margaret, Ron, Mike,
Alessandro and Bill at Los Parrilleros - Miami ASA meeting
November, 2008

Michael, Jonathan and Bill at Pitchi Poi in Paris during ASA Meetings

Air Force Project Group at the Acoustical Society of America
Meetings in Salt Lake City, June, 2007.
Jared McNew, Ron Chambers, Charissa Lansing, Bill O'Brien
Margaret Wismer and Lynn Brault

NYC limo ride on a snowy night. L to R: Bill O'Brien, Wanda Elliott, Sue Clay, Marie Fry,
Floyd Dunn, Mel Stratmeyer and Wilma O'Brien

Dinner for Marie Fry at Tao during AIUM meetings, New York City,
March, 2007. Sue Clay, Wilma O'Brien, Wanda Elliott, Floyd Dunn,
Marie Fry, Bill O'Brien and Mel Stratmeyer

Restrooms at Tao in NYC. Which is for whom?

Floyd Dunn Celebration Dinner at ASA Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii
November, 2006. Mel Stratmeyer, Larry Kessler, Floyd and Elsa Dunn
Atsuko Hashimoto, Leon Frizzell, Michael Oelze, Tim Bigelow
Bill and Wilma O'Brien, Mic Stratmeyer

Tim Bigelow, Michael Oelze, Jonathan Mamou and Bill O'Brien
were part of the UBM 2004 meeting at Arden House, Harriman, NY.

Dinner - 2003 Ultrasonics Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii
L to R around the table:
Stephanie Oelze, Michael Oelze, Klaus Jenderka, Stacie Sakai,
Jonathan Mamou, Panitee Chongvisal, Mark Haun, Kay Raum,
Jim Zachary, Mike Kolios, Tim Bigelow, Wilma O'Brien,
Bill O'Brien, Patti Carson, Paul Carson.

Bill O'Brien and Jonathan Mamou joined Lori Bridal, Azzdine Ammi
and the rest of the Laboratoire d'Imagerie Parametrique group in
Paris, France during the summer of 2003.

Sue Clay

Rita Miller

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Matt Lowerison

Quang Tran

Marcin Wozniak


Daniel Ahn.jpg
Daniel Ahn

Catherine Applegate

Jenna Cario

Andres Coila

Churan He

Kendall Junger

Zhengchang Kou

Yuxuan Liu.jpeg
Yuxuan Liu

Zidong Ma.jpg
Zidong Ma

Rohan Mohta.jpg
Rohan Mohta

Karthik Nagabhushana.jpg
Karthik Nagabhushana

Divya Nambiar.jpg
Divya Nambiar

Shashi Roshan

Pablo Sanchez

Gizem Tabak

Zixuan Tian.jpeg
Zixuan Tian

Miles Thies.jpg
Miles Thies

Tod Wang.jpg
Tod Wang

Yashuo Wu.jpg
Yashuo Wu

Furkan Yazici.JPG
Furkan Yazici

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