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BRL Seminars - Fall Semester 2004

Fall 2004

Tuesdays at 4:00 pm in 3269 Beckman Institute

Unless otherwise noted.

DATE SPEAKER - Institution - TITLE
Aug 31 Michael Oelze, BRL, Characterization of solid tumors in mice using ultrasound backscatter over a broad range of frequencies (10 to 80 MHz)

Jonathan Mamou, BRL, Scatterer size and acoustic concentration estimation technique based on a 3D acoustic impedance map from histologic sections
Sept 7 No Seminar
Sept 14 Tim Bigelow, BRL, Estimating the thermal dose from backscattered RF echoes
Sept 21 No Seminar
Sept 28 No Seminar
Oct 5 No Seminar
Oct 12 Roberto Ingunza Montero, Regularization approach to ultrasonic B-mode imaging
Oct 19 Tim Bigelow, Estimating attenuation for ultrasound diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Oct 26 Michael Oelze, High frequency quantitative ultrasound analysis of solid tumors in mice
Nov 2 No Seminar
Nov 9 Barbara McFarlin, B Mode ultrasound of the cervix
Nov 16 Yuhui Liu, Acoustic wave propagation into a finite-element human head
Nov 30 Monica Forbes, Sonoporation: An introduction
Dec 7 Jonathan Mamou, 3D ultrasonic modeling of biological tissues for tissue characterization: Signal and image processing aspects

Revised - 11/29/2004

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