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BRL Seminars - Spring Semester 2004

All BRL Seminars are held at 4 pm on Tuesdays in 3269 Beckman unless otherwise indicated.

Department of Bioengineering Seminars are noted if the speaker is in the ultrasound field. Bioengineering Seminars are held at 12 noon on Thursdays in 2269 Beckman unless otherwise indicated.

1/20: No Seminar

1/22: Bioengineering Seminar: Kullervo Hynynen, Harvard University, The Feasibility of Noninvasive Image Guided Treatments of Brain Disorders by Focused Ultrasound

1/27: No Seminar

1/29: Bioengineering Seminar: Richard Chiao, GE Medical Systems, Diagnostic Ultrasound: Technology and Applications

2/3: Bill O'Brien, BRL, Overview of Ultrasound-induced Lung Damage

2/10: Yuhui Liu, BRL, Evaluation of Acoustic Propagation Path with Finite Element Analysis

2/17: Tim Bigelow, BRL, Another Look at Estimating both Scatterer Size and Total Attenuation from the Backscattered Power Spectrum

2/24: Michael Oelze, BRL, Characterization of Three Kinds of Solid Tumors Using Quantitative Ultrasound Techniques

3/2: No Seminar

3/9: No Seminar

3/11: Bioengineering Seminar - Frontiers of Biomedical Imaging Seminar --4 pm -- 5602 Beckman -- Mike Insana, Biomedical Engineering, UC-Davis, An Expanding Role for Ultrasonics in Biological Research

3/16: Barbara McFarlin, BRL, Obstetric Ultrasound: Capabilities and Research Challenges

3/23: No Seminar - Spring Break

3/30: Bioengineering Seminar: Michael L. Oelze, ECE - UIUC - 12 noon --2269 Beckman - Characterization of Solid Tumors Using Quantitative Ultrasound Techniques

3/30: Roberto Ingunza, BRL, An Introduction to Stripmap Synthetic Aperture Imaging

4/6: No Seminar

4/13: No Seminar

4/15: Bioengineering Seminar, Cheri Deng, Case Western Reserve University, Ultrasound Induced Cell Membrane Porosity

4/20: Jonathan Mamou, BRL, Ultrasonic Scattering: How can a 3D Acoustic Impedance Map improve Quantitative Ultrasound Approaches ?

4/27: No Seminar

4/29: Bioengineering Seminar, Pierre Mourad, APL, University of Washington, Seattle, Using Ultrasound to Deliver Drugs and Genes In Vitro and In Vivo

5/4: Tadashi Yamaguchi, BRL, Ultrasound Technique for Diffused Liver Diseases Diagnosis

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