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BRL Seminars - Fall Semester 2003

All BRL Seminars are held at 4 pm on Tuesdays in 3269 Beckman unless otherwise indicated.

9/2: No Seminar

9/9: No Seminar

9/16: Tim Bigelow, Estimating both scatterer size and total attenuation from the backscattered power spectrum

9/23: Michael Oelze, Characterization of two types of tumors in rats and mice using scatterer property estimates from ultrasound backscatter

9/30: Michael Oelze, Differentiation of tumor types in vivo by scatterer property estimates and parametric images using ultrasound backscatter


Jonathan Mamou, Ultrasound scatterer size estimation technique based on a 3D acoustic impedance map from histologic sections


Professor Jim Zachary, Ultrasound-induced bioeffects: microbubbles and pathophysiologic responses to injury


Tim Bigelow, Scatterer size estimation using a generalized ultrasound attenuation-compensation function to correct for focusing

10/7: No Seminar

10/14: No Seminar

10/21: Kathryn Hupfer, Atomic Force Microscopy and Applications to Protein Imaging

10/28: Roberto Ingunza, Improvement of Signals Quality Using Digital Signal Processing

11/4: Michael Oelze, Characterization and Differentiation of Two Mammary Tumors Using Parametric Imaging with Ultrasound


Tim Bigelow, Factors Affecting Scatterer Size Estimation Using a Generalized Ultrasound Attenuation-Compensation Function to Correct for Focusing

11/11: No Seminar

11/18: Jonathan Mamou, Ultrasonic Scattering in Tissue: A New Approach in Determining Scattering Sites and Subwavelength Diagnostic Imaging Techniques

11/25: No Seminar

12/2: Yuhui Liu, Evaluation of Acoustic Propagation Paths into the Human Head

12/9: Professor Bill Phillips, Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, UIUC, A Model for Ultrasound-Induced Lesions in the Lung

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