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 Saturday, September 30th, 2023
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Spring 2013

Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:00 pm in 4269 Beckman Institute

Unless otherwise noted.

Jan 15 Jeremy Kemmerer

Brendon Smith

Temperature-dependent Ultrasonic Properties of Ablated Tissue

To be announced.
Jan 22 To be announced.

To be announced.
To be announced.

To be announced.
Jan 29 Aiguo Han

Modeling the Backscattering Coefficient of High-concentration Cell Pellets.
Feb 5 Alex Pawlicki

Xin Li
Image Registration for Three-Dimensional Impedance Maps.

Estimation of Attenuation using Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique.
Feb 12 Adam Luchies

Trong Nguyen
Volume Power Spectra for Collections of Spheres.

Harmonics Compression Techniques of the KZK Simulation for Pulsed Finite Amplitude Sound Beams.
Feb 19 Jeremy Kemmerer

Time-domain Simulation of Ultrasound Scattering using Acoustic Bulk Modulus.
Feb 26 Brendon Smith

Alex Pawlicki
Heat Shock Protein 70 and Ultrasound Bioeffects: An Update.

Three Dimensional Impedance Maps Creation.
Mar 5 Aiguo Han

Xin Li
Examining Histological Images of Cell Pellets and Tumors of the Same Cell Lines.

Estimation of Attenuation by Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique.
Mar 12 No Meeting NIH SS Meeting
Mar 19 No Meeting UIUC Spring Break
Mar 26 Adam Luchies

Trong Nguyen
Volume Power Spectra for Collections of Spheres.

Agar Phantom Passively Beamformed Image Using SonixDAQ.
Mar 27 (Wednesday) Michael Andre

Div. of Nutritional Sciences Seminar, 180 Bevier Hall, 3 PM
Apr 2 Marianne Gauthier

Brendon Smith

Daniel King
Evaluation of Definity® Stability Over Time Using Double Passive Cavitation Detection.

Contrast Ultrasound Imaging of the Aorta Does Not Affect Progression of Atherosclerosis in ApoE-/- Mice.

Measured Single Bubble Postexcitation Collapse Thresholds for Standard and Size Altered Ultrasound Contrast Agents.
Apr 9No Meeting
AIUM Meeting.

Apr 16 Aiguo Han

Trong Nguyen
Modeling Broadband Acoustic Backscatter from a Mouse Sarcoma using a Multi-sphere Clusters Model.

Beamforming Agar Phantom Image from SonixDAQ Raw Channel Data.
Apr 23 Adam Luchies

Jeremy Kemmerer
Volume Power Spectra for Collections of Spheres.

Statistics of Ultrasound Spatial Variation Noise.
Apr 30Alex Pawlicki

Xin Li
To be announced.

To be announced.

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