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 Tuesday, October 4th, 2022
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Seminars and MiniSeminars

Spring 2012

Tuesdays 4:20 - 6:00 pm in 3269 Beckman Institute

Unless otherwise noted.

Jan 17   GUI Course
Jan 24 Aiguo Han

Jeremy Kemmerer

Billy Ridgway
High Frequency Ultrasound Backscatter from Cell Pellets and Tumors

Hyperthermia vs. Ablation: Trade-offs with Time and Intensity of Focused Ultrasound Treatment

Improving Ultrasound Imaging with Golay Codes and Resolution Enhanced Chirps
Jan 31
4269 Beckman
Alex Pawlicki

Nathan Hirtz

Adam Luchies
Using 2DZMs to Understand 3DZMs

Using Parametric Bootstrap to Determine Significance between BSC Curves

Estimating Backscatter Coefficients Using Tapers with Gaps
Feb 7
4269 Beckman
Brendon Smith

Olivia Coiado

Xin Li
Ultrasound Bioeffects on Muscle Tissue and Capillaries: An Introduction

The Interaction of the Ultrasound with Cardiac Tissue

Estimation the Change of Backscattered Energy due to Temperature
Feb 14
4269 Beckman
Daniel King An Update on Sonoporation: Testing Well Plate Orientation During Exposure
Feb 21 Alex Pawlicki

Matt Lee
Examining Ultrasound Attenuation Maps

Receptor Mediated Effects of Anesthetics
Feb 28 Aiguo Han

Billy Ridgway
Interpretation of Backscatter Coefficients for Cell Pellet Biophantoms

Fundamental and Third Harmonic Frequency Compounding for Ultrasound Imaging
Mar 6 Brendon Smith

Nathan Hirtz

Xin Li

Adam Luchies
The Quest for RNA: Part One

Bootstrap Analysis of 4T1 and MAT BSC Curves

The Estimation of Change of Backscattered Energy due to Temperature

Scatterer Spatial Distribution and Spectral Estimation
Mar 13 Jeremy Kemmerer

Alex Pawlicki

Daniel King
Quantitative Ultrasound Assessment of HIFU: In-vivo Results

Testing Attenuation Estimator with Simulated RF Data

Examining Size Distributions of Ultrasound Contrast Agents
Mar 20 Spring Break - No Seminars No Seminars
Mar 27 AIUM No Seminars
Apr 3 Xin Li

Matt Lee
Introduction to Radiological Imaging Techniques

Characterization of Cancer Cell Lines for Tumor Growth
Apr 10 Nathan Hirtz

Daniel King

Jeremy Kemmerer
Power Calculations for Detecting Differences in BSC Curves

Postexcitation Thresholds of Ultrasound Contrast Agents with Altered Size Distributions: A First Look

Quantitative Ultrasound for Therapeutic Ultrasound Assessment
Apr 17 Aiguo Han

Billy Ridgway

Brendon Smith
Comparison of Ultrasonic Backscatter Coefficient of Biophantoms and Tumors

Golay Coding with Fundamental and Third Harmonic REC Compound Imaging

Contrast Ultrasound Imaging does not Affect Hsp70 Expression in Cholesterol-Fed rabbit Aorta
Apr 24 Adam Luchies 2D Impedance Maps
May 1 Matt Lee

Marianne Gauthier
Overview of Arthropod-Borne Animal Disease Research

In Vitro Assessment of the Arterial Input Function Influence on Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography Microvascularization Parameter Measurements Using Numerical Modeling.Clinical Impact on Treatment Evaluations in Oncology

Revised - 4.26.12

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