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 Tuesday, October 4th, 2022
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Bioacoustics Research Laboratory Seminars and MiniSeminars

Fall 2013

Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:00 pm in 4269 Beckman Institute

Unless otherwise noted.

Aug 27 Jeremy Kemmerer

Simulation of Simple Scatterers in Field II

Sept 3 Aiguo Han

The Structure Function of Polydisperse Biophantoms with Schultz (gamma) Distributed Scatterer Diameters

Sept 10 No Meeting

No Meeting

Sept 17 (3269 BI) Brendon Smith

Adam Luchies

To be announced.

Estimating Volume Power Spectra from Planar Sections in an Isotropic Media

Sept 24 Olivia Coiado

Marianne Gauthier

Therapeutic Effect of in vivo Ultrasonic exposure to the Rat Heart

Production Approaches for Albumin-Coated Microbubbles Loaded with PLA Nanoparticles

Sept 27 (Auditorium) 4 PM Engineering at Illinois Hall of Fame Ceremony

William J. Fry Induction.

Oct 1 Jeremy Kemmerer

Trong Nguyen

Ultrasound Simulation of Fluid Cylinders using Field II

Passive Cavitation Mapping for High Intensity Ultrasound
Oct 8 Julian Andres Garcia Duitama

Backscattering Coefficient Estimation using Plane Waves

Oct 15 Adam Luchies

Correlation Function for a Collection of Spheres
Oct 22 Olivia Coiado

Aiguo Han

The Role of the Duty Cycle and PRPA in the Negative Chronotropic Effect of Rat Heart

Histology Image Analysis for Cell Pellets and Tumors

Oct 24 (Thursday) Professor Robert McGough

ECE Grad Seminar

Oct 29 To be announced.

To be announced.

Nov 5 Trong Nguyen

Passive Array Beam Forming to Map the Field of Glassbead Agar Phantom

Nov 12 Jeremy Kemmerer

Marianne Gauthier

Simulation of Ultrasound Scattering using Acoustic Bulk Modulus

Production of Polyactide Nanoparticle Loaded on Albumin-coated Microbubbles for Future Drug Delivery Purposes

Nov 19 Olivia Coiado

Brendon Smith

Blood Pressure Measurement in Rats: Comparison of Carotid and Femoral Cannulation.

Tomato and Soy Germ for Reduction of Atherosclerosis

Nov 26 No Meeting
Thanksgiving Break

Dec 3 Brendon Smith

Aiguo Han

Trong Nguyen

Tomato and soy germ for reduction of atherosclerosis: Part Deux

Application of the structure functions to modeling ultrasound backscatter from tumors

Bistatic configuration for mapping of pressure field of glassbead-agar phantom

Dec 10 Adam Luchies

Two-dimensional impedance maps for dense particle packings

Revised - 11.22.2013

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