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 Tuesday, October 4th, 2022
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Bioacoustics Research Laboratory Seminars and MiniSeminars

Fall 2011

Mondays 3:30 - 5:00 pm in *4269* Beckman Institute

Unless otherwise noted.

Aug 29 Aiguo Han Comparision of the Backscatter Coefficient Estimates from CHO Cell Pellets and Nuclei Pellets
Sep 12 Alex Pawlicki

Jeremy Kemmerer

Daniel King

Billy Ridgway
Explorations of 3DZM Simulations

Quantitative Ultrasound Assessment of Several Thermal Doses

Numerical Modeling of Collapsing Bubbles: Stability Analysis

Extending QUS Bandwidth with Coded Excitation
Sep 20
3:30 pm
3269 Beckman
Brendon Smith

Nathan Hirtz
MyPlate and You: Communicating Current Dietary Guidelines

Comparing Ultrasound Systems via BSC Curves
Sep 20
4:00 pm
3269 Beckman
Kibo Nam
Department of Medical Physics
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Effective Attenuation Estimation Using a Least Squares Method with Constraints
Sound Speed Mismatch Effects on Attenuation Estimation
Sep 26 Matt Lee

Gang Chen

Jeremy Kemmerer
In vivo Imaging of Biomarker Activated Nanoparticles

An Introduction to Generalized Linear and Mixed Model in Experiment Result Analysis

Quantitative Ultrasound Assessment of Treated MAT Samples
Oct 3 Aiguo Han

Alex Pawlicki

Adam Luchies
Ultrasonic Backscatter Coefficient Estimates for the Sphere-within-a-Sphere Physical Phantom

Explorations Into Three-Dimensional Impedance Map Analysis

Spectrum Estimation Using Tapers with Gaps
Oct 6
4:00 pm
ECE Grad Seminar
151 Everitt
Michael Andre, PhD
Professor of Radiology Chief, Physics & Engineering Division University of California, San Diego
Ultrasound Inverse-Scattering Tomography for Volumetric Breast Imaging
Oct 10 Daniel King

Nathan Hirtz
Numerical Modeling of Collapsing Bubbles: Initial Results

Comparing Ultrasound Systems Via BSC Curves - Part II
Oct 17 No Seminars - Ultrasonics Symposium No Seminars
Oct 24 Matt Lee Ultrasound Contrast Agent Potential for Drug Delivery
Oct 31 Gang Chen

Adam Luchies

Billy Ridgway
A Large Scale Variational Bayesian Logistic Regression with Feature Selection

Spectrum Estimation Using Tapers with Gaps

Using Golay Codes with Harmonic Coded Excitation
Nov 7 Brendon Smith

Nathan Hirtz
Hsp70 and Ultrasound Bioeffects

Comparing Ultrasound Systems via BSC Curves - Part III
Nov 14 No Seminars CIHR, Toronto
Nov 16
12:00 pm
Beckman Grad Seminar
1005 Beckman
Daniel King Collapsing Microbubbles and Postexcitation Thresholds: Experiment and Theory of Large Amplitude Ultrasound Contrast Agent Dynamics
Nov 21 No Seminars - Thanksgiving Break No Seminars
Nov 28 Aiguo Han

Gang Chen
Ultrasonic Scattering Models for Cell Pellet Biophantoms

A Large Scale Variational Bayesian Logistic Regression with Feature Selection - Part2
Dec 5
3:15 pm
Daniel King

Brendon Smith

Adam Luchies

Billy Ridgway

Jeremy Kemmerer

Matt Lee
Reconsidering Microbubble Postexcitation Signals....Again

An Introduction to the ApoE Knockout Mouse

Estimating Backscatter Coefficients Using Tapers with Gaps

Ultrasound Imaging with Resolution Enhanced Coding

Histological Changes with HIFU Exposure

Tis the Season: Overview of the Influenza Virus

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