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Bioacoustics Research Laboratory Seminars and MiniSeminars

Fall 2010

Tuesdays 3:00 - 5:00 pm in 3269 Beckman Institute

Unless otherwise noted.

Aug 24 Jeremy Kemmerer Quantitative Ultrasound Assessment of HIFU-Induced Lesions
Aug 31 Chenara Johnson Exploring Permeability with Evans Blue Dye
Sep 7 Daniel King

Adam Luchies
Effects of Clustering on Ultrasound-Microbubble Interaction

Reducing the Effects of Specular Scatterers on Quantitative Ultrasound Images
Sep 14 Billy Ridgway

Roberto Lavarello

Scott Leithem
Using Coded Excitation to Frequency Compound a Transducer's Fundamental and Third Harmonic

On the Estimation of Backsctter Coefficients Using Focused Transducers

Determining Contrast Agent Concentration Using Acoustic Backscatter
Sep 21 Matt Lee

Robyn Umeki

Gang Chen
High Frequency Cell Scanning

My Summer Vacation

Ultrasound Image Segmentation and Tumor Classification based on Texture Features
Sep 28 Chenara Johnson

Alex Pawlicki

Nathan Hirtz
Contrast Agent Concentration Dependency of Permeability

Explorations of the Three Dimensional Impedance Map Creation and Analysis

Functional ANOVA Testing for Significant Differences Between Ultrasound Transducers
Oct 5 Roberto Lavarello

Adam Luchies

Jeremy Kemmerer

(ISU Practice)
Assessment of the effects of scatterer size distributions on effective scatterer diameter estimates

Reducing the effects of specular scatterers on QUS imaging using the generalized spectrum

Quantitative ultrasound assessment of HIFU-induced lesions and
A new approach to estimating attenuation changes during HIFU
Oct 12 No Seminars - Ultrasonics Symposium No Seminars
Oct 19 Matt Lee

Billy Ridgway

Daniel King

Scott Leithem

Elaine Belassiano
In Vivo Imaging of Biomarker Activated Chemotherapy Drug Delivery

Frequency Addition and Subtraction with Coded Excitation

Measurements of Ultrasound Contrast Agents at Finite Void Ratio

Understanding Microbubble Dynamics in Order to Better Determine Concentration Using Ultrasound

The Interaction of Ultrasound with Cardiac Tissue
Oct 26 Chenara Johnson

Gang Chen
Pressure Dependence of Permeability

Variational Bayesian Method in Classification and Variable Selection
Nov 2 Roberto Lavarello

Alex Pawlicki

Robyn Umeki
Quantitative Ultrasound Estimates from Populations of Scatterers with Continuous Size Distributions - Effects of the Size Estimator Algorithm

Analysis of 3-Dimensional Impedance Maps""Analysis of 3-Dimensional Impedance Maps

Introduction to Synthetic Aperture and Virtual Source
Nov 9 Nathan Hirtz Equivalence ANOVA and Comparing Slopes of BSC Estimates
Nov 16 Daniel King

Adam Luchies

Scott Leithem
Can Postexcitation Emissions from Ultrasound Contrast Agents be Predicted Through Modeling?

Decomposition of Ultrasound Backscatter Signals using the Continuous Wavelet Transform

Validation of Flow Experiment using Backscatter Coefficient from Glass Microspheres
Nov 23 No Seminars - Thanksgiving Break No Seminars
Nov 30
Room Change to 2269 Beckman
Alex Pawlicki

Robyn Umeki

Gang Chen

Billy Ridgway
Further Analysis of Three Dimensional Impedance Maps

Applying a Virtual Source Method to Coded Excitation

Variational Logistic Regression with Laplace Prior and its Application in Tumor Classification

Exploration of Coded Excited Fundamental and 3rd Harmonic Imaging
Dec 7 Matt Lee

Nathan Hirtz

Jeremy Kemmerer
Cholesterol Quantification in Ultrasound Bioeffects

Fitting Linear Models to ESD Estimates

Detecting Changes in Attenuation During HIFU Exposure

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