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Ultrasound Arrays for Prostate Treatment

By Leon A. Frizzell, Joseph S. Tan, and Gary M. Warren

Most high intensity focused ultrasound systems for treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or cancer of the prostate currently use fixed focus transducers that are moved mechanically to treat the desired volume of tissue. Some groups are investigating the use of phased arrays to provide electronic steering of the focal region in at least one dimension to reduce the mechanical movement of the transducer and to allow rapid movement of the focus. Most of these systems use small element spacing to eliminate grating lobes and thus require a large number of elements. This study investigates the use of a smaller number of large elements to reduce the cost and complexity of manufacture, but makes use of random location and/or size of elements to reduce grating lobes to an acceptable level. Theoretical studies are being conducted to identify an appropriate design for fabrication and experimental testing.


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