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 Monday, December 4th, 2023
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Multielement Ultrasound Sources for Hyperthermia

By Leon A. Frizzell and Prem K. Mandava.

This project involves the development of a new generation of ultrasound multielement applicators capable of improved heating uniformity and controlled depth of penetration for each element. These new applicator designs are developed in conjunction with Labthermics Technologies, Inc. and are based on extensive clinical experience with their SONOTHERM" 1000 multichannel ultrasound hyperthermia system, which is in clinical use at over 36 sites around the world. New applicators will be developed for simultaneous dual frequency operation. Each element of the transducer will be excited independently at one of two possible frequencies to control the depth of penetration over the face of the applicator array. Also, different element segmentation and patient coupling are being evaluated for breast and chest wall treatments.


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